0 - 15 MW

Includes the KG2-3G, KG2-3E, Siemens Industrial 501K, Siemens SGT-100, Siemens SGT-200, Siemens SGT-300 and Siemens SGT-400.

KG2 Gas Turbines

The latest generation in gas turbines for power generation.

Siemens Industrial 501-K Gas Turbine

The Siemens Industrial 501-K has accumulated over 110 million hours of operation with more than 500 customers in 53 countries.

Siemens SGT-100 Gas Turbine

The Siemens SGT-100 gas turbine is an industrial gas turbine in the power output range from 5 to 6 megawatts (MW).

Siemens SGT-200 Gas Turbine

The Siemens SGT-200 is available as a single-shaft version for power generation with a power output of 6.8 MW(e), and as a twin-shaft turbine with 7.7 MW for mechanical drive.

Siemens SGT-300 Gas Turbine

The Siemens SGT-300 gas turbine has performed successfully over many years in power generation and combined heat and power applications.

Siemens SGT-400 Gas Turbine

The Siemens SGT-400 gas turbine combines 25 years of experience in operating equipment with cutting edge aerodynamics and the latest combustion technologies.